Sunday, January 15, 2012

Handling the garbage down Mexico way

Mexico City is twice the size of Melbourne. And it is having problem with its garbage.  The powers that be have recently closed one of the world's largest landfills.  This has brought about illegal dumping of garbage - by the garbage collectors themselves!

Now rubbish is no respecter of persons: the poor, the rich, the intellectuals, and the dumb-bums all make waste and have garbage to dispose of so rubbish is being dumped in some of the posher suburbs of MC.

And it is not only Mexico City that is having problems.  Bogota (with a population 2.5 times the size of Melbourne) and Buenos Aires (half the size of Melbourne) are having problems.  Read more about this here.

To find out what is happening on the continent of South America, please look at the document below. 

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