Friday, May 4, 2012

When things go wrong #1.... Landfill stinks

Golden Plains Shire
Golden Plains Shire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
City of Ballarat
City of Ballarat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
04 May, 2012 12:01 AM
BALLARAT City Council has enforced a shutdown of its Smythesdale landfill to commercial operators after the first stage of the site’s new cell failed an independent audit.The news came as Golden Plains Shire mayor Geraldine Frantz confirmed that her council was taking steps in response to resident complaints about odour from the landfill. The landfill, which is owned and operated by Ballarat City Council but located within Golden Plains Shire boundaries, will continue to be used for domestic waste but commercial operators have been asked to stop using it.
The news yesterday brought little relief for Smythesdale residents Greg Cartledge and Carol Riley, who say they have been plagued by terrible odours from the landfill for the past two years.
The couple, who have lived 500 metres from the landfill for 20 years, said they had made frequent complaints to the Ballarat and Golden Plains councils and the EPA since the smell started. They want the current cell closed and tapped, arguing it has become too big and too full.
“It’s having a real effect on us, particularly my partner Carol who gets headaches,” Mr Cartledge said. “Who knows what’s in that toxic smell?”
A City of Ballarat spokesperson said testing indicated that recent flooding had caused cell capping washouts at a number of sites, and repair works were being done at the Smythesdale landfill.
Cr Frantz said the shire had re-established the Smythesdale Regional Landfill Monitoring Committee with the City of Ballarat and residents to monitor the landfill more regularly.

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