Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Renters - sustaining lifestyles in rental accommodation

I hold the view that governments both State and Federal have ignored renters in regard to environmental programs.  Unless renters have a friendly and sustainably minded landlord, renters have Buckleys of getting stuff installed.  There has been nothing in government programs to entice or coerce landlords.  This is why an organisation such as Green Renters is vital for those of us living or trying to live sustainable lifestyles in rental accommodation.

However, sustainable lifestylers who are renting have to be proactive, determined, consistent and imaginative.  It can be done ... but sometimes one needs a little help from one's friends.  Green Renters are doing their best to be good friends.  First explore their website.  Next have a look at their workshops.

That's the general view.  

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