Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sustainable Queensland? Thermal coal mine set to destroy Bimblebox Nature Refuge. Submit your comments by 7 Nov 2011

As a friend recently said to me, 
'How many pages does it take to say "we're gonna dig a damn great hole?" '
Waratah Coal has finally confirmed that its proposed 'China First' mine would destroy Bimblebox Nature Refuge. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) clearly states that 52% of Bimblebox would be open cut, and the remainder subject to major subsidence and interference from underground longwall mining. It would set a dangerous precedent for the mining of Queensland's precious conservation areas and contribute 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere, on top of a myriad of regional impacts.

The period for public comment closes on November 7th. We have prepared a submission for people to send in, and have information for people who want to write their own. It is vital that we send a message loud and clear that we will not allow our nature refuges to be dug up for the sake of more coal profits.
Please visit the Bimblebox website HERE to find our how to make a submission.

I really appreciate your time.

Many thanks, 

Paola Cassoni

Bimblebox Nature Refuge
Alpha QLD 4724

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