Thursday, February 26, 2015

Consumers are willing to do the right thing - but are the large beverage corporations prepared to come to the party!

Thanks to Inside FMCG for this info!

Good onya, Soda Stream - but, at the risk of being seen to be cheeky, you would go for this wouldn't you.  Because, as far as I am aware, none of  your products come in cans or commercial soft drink bottles.

SodaStream supports recycling scheme

While beverage industry giants continue to remain silent in response to the weekend’s NSW Government election promise to introduce a state wide beverage container recycling scheme,SodaStream, has come forward in full support of the move.
“Not only is there overwhelming community support for the NSW Government’s recycling scheme there should be more support from the beverage industry to ensure that full responsibility is being taken for the products they place into consumer’s hands,” SodaStream’s MD for Australia, Myles Anceschi, said.
“It is great to hear that there have been significant discussions with the beverage industry in the lead up to the announcement of the proposed scheme and it would be even better to see individual brands within the sector publically showing their support to take responsibility for their products particularly as they have been so opposed to such a scheme for decades,”
The NSW government plans to put at least 800 reverse vending machines at popular beaches, parks, and public spaces by July 1, 2017.
The technology works by giving people a deposit, a slip of paper, when they put a container in the machine.
“Consumers are willing and ready to recycle and do the right thing, it’s time that some of the biggest brands in the beverage industry did more than just encourage recycling, but actually incentivise it,”Anceschi said.

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