Friday, August 8, 2014

Concern about chemicals. Is the concern only in relation to the bomb-making brigade? Do chemicals of environmental threat get the same concern from the Attorney-General?

We don't often talk about chemicals.  Well, we do talk about some chemicals - fluoride, vaccinations, safe consumer products.  There is tucked away in the Commonwealth Department of Health an agency with the cute name of NICNAS - the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assesment Scheme.

However, the Attorney-General has some concerns.

The Australian Attorney-General is Senator George Brandis.  It needs to be noted that George, a libertarian of some note, has not been travelling to well politically this week.

The Attorney-General -  well, his department actually - wants to receive submissions up to August 27, 2014. Please for here for details of what is required and how a submission can be made.   

I have no opinion on this because I don't know what the existing situation is. So I have no idea whether this matter can lead to an overreach or it might lead to sensible and necessary regulation.

I am concerned though - because George has background and form.

The Abbott Government of which George is a member seems to want over-reaching freedoms of a most dastardly kind for their friends such as employer organisations and wealthy institutions while cracking down in many ways on lesser mortals.  So until someone well-qualified  advises me otherwise, I am suspicious.

I am more concerned about the adverse impact on the environment and living species of manufactured chemicals.  I wonder if George shares my concern.  Again, a well-qualified adviser might like to enter into converse with me on this matter.

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  1. I recently read in the local paper that farmers spray of their crops can bounce and travel up to 150 kilometres to contaminate your organic veggies, your washing drying on the line, your baby in the pram getting its vitamin D from the sun, and of course you.
    Nearly forty years ago I used to talk with a scientist working for CSIRO trying to identify and register all the new chemicals being created. Back then he stated that it would take his lifetime to examine the ones created that year only. I think that he was, back then, the only person budgeted to carry out this function.