Friday, November 11, 2011

After labelling the letter box - Part 2 - banning junk mail

To eradicate/minimise unwanted mail from your letterbox, there is more to it than labelling the letterbox - that's if you are keen and want to be thorough

  1. Read Australia Post's advice.
  2. Read Clean Up's advice too
  3. Read about ADMA's Do Not Mail service & then SIGN UP
  4. Be aware that despite your best efforts, it is almost certain that you will receive some unwanted communications.  There are exemptions allowed and then there are people who are not members of ADMA; and independent small business people; and your neighbours who are having a garage sale.  Be nice to the neighbours but you might like to give the small biz folk a call and explain the situation to them. If they sell a product that you like, you might ask them to put the information in an email and forward it to your email address.  It is likely they will oblige if they are seeking your business.  As for those who are not members of ADMA, politely ask them not to deliver or mail material to you. Can't guarantee success on this.  There is no way to safeguard against lack of good management skills and no understanding of how the public might take offence ... except you will remember never to do business with such people, won't you.

please let me know your thoughts and experiences
with this perennial problem.

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