Friday, November 18, 2011

Pees! Poos! Three Cheers for Loos! To-morrow is World Toilet Day

Water for People

World Toilet Day is one of our favorite holidays, and it is this Saturday. 
With 2.6 Billion people in the world lacking a toilet, World Toilet Day 
helps to raise awareness and also gets us all thinking about innovative ways 
to tackle the problem.
At Water For People for example, we are working with local entrepreneurs 
in Cuchumuela, Bolivia to support urine-diverting toilets, not as a giveaway, 
but as a long-term business idea. Here’s why it’s working: The area’s 
Monterrey pines are a perfect home for a mushroom called a bolete. This 
isn’t just any mushroom — a family in Cuchumuela can earn about $800 (US)
 per year from mushroom sales. 
More mushrooms require more pines. And pines thrive off of fertilizer from 
urine-diverting toilets. Now there’s demand for the toilets and income revenue 
to boot!
Help spread the word about World Toilet Day and send a great E-card. 
Send up to 19 at a time and remind everyone about this important day.

So let's hear it: Pees! Poos! Three Cheers for Loos!

We just tallied the numbers for the Donate to Drink $2 Million Challenge
where several generous donors put up $1 Million of their money and challenged
 you, our supporters to raise the other million. We're thrilled to announce that you
 made this a HUGE success. All together, you raised $2.3 Million!
And here's the impact of your donation. This month, we announced that 
Everyone in Chinda, Honduras has safe water. 
This isn't the end of our work in Chinda, but rather the beginning. Every family, 
school and clinic has safe water, but now the challenge is to ensure that it lasts 
forever. And just like you, the community, the local government and the private sector — WE'RE ALL IN.
Watch the new video to see how Everyone came together to make a 
difference for every person in Chinda.
Happy World Toilet Day from all of us at Water For People!


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